Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to The Wooly Fox!

Hi! We are Bob and Janet Sandstrom.

(The dog is also named Bob ... Bob Joe Rockstar.)

 Welcome to our blog, The Wooly Fox.

Last year, we transformed Bob's old workshop in to a small country store. (Bob the husband, not the dog. Bob Joe Rockstar doesn't have a workshop.)

We sell antiques, wool from our sheep...

Roving (prepared wool you spin) along with an abundance of local pottery, jewelry, and beautiful hand crafted items. In the warmer months, we also sell vegetables from our garden.

We are located at The Red Fox Farm, off Route 31.

We are open every weekend from 10-4 or by appointment.

If it's cold, the wood stove will be burning and the coffee is always hot.

Please drop by and visit us, where you'll find something to love!


  1. Your sister Jen sent me to your blog. Then I found an article about your shop after doing a google search. I would like to know how much a queen mattress pad would cost, the type that is good for fibromyalgia, shipped to PA. From the article "You can have a mattress pad made of roving that is wonderful for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia."
    RBottonister at yahoo dot com

  2. One of many cuzzins!January 4, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    Hi Janet!
    The shop looks wonderful and your models adorable! One of these days we'll have to take a little field trip to the mountains to visit The Wooly Fox. Best wishes for good health, happiness and contentment in 2011.
    Your Cuz Regina

  3. Hi Janet! I'm glad Jen set you up with a blog; your beautiful farm and store are lovely and should be showcased. I am so happy to see you are living your dream!

    Best wishes from your old friend and neighbor, Meg

  4. Hi Jan and Bob,
    Enjoyed your visit.

  5. I found your blog through another blog that mentioned your shop. I'm originally from Connecticut and if I still lived there you can bet I'd be planning a trip to your shop this weekend!
    I'm going to put it on my list of things to do when I travel to New England again.

  6. Hi Bob and Janet. Steven and I are so happy to have you folks in our lives. My move from Maynard to Sterling has brought such happiness and peace to my life. Janet, how cool is it that the universe brought us two together again after all these years;( Walnut Street freinds from childhood days). If we hadn't turned the car around that day and go back to see your beautiful shop, you and I might have never met again.
    Looking forward to Farm Day 2015. Charlie


    1. Hi Charlie and Steven! Bob and I are thrilled to have you both in our lives too. Thank goodness you turned the car around and stopped by! Best wishes with your new ventures at Hunt and Gather.
      We are looking forward to see you soon at Farm Day 2015. Janet