Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Wooly Fox Welcomes Fall!

With the cool crisp feel of fall in the air our thoughts turn to home, family and gatherings.
We have some lovely items that just arrived!

Barbara Dietrich of Hillborne Farms has created some lovely bracelets and necklaces from precious
metal clay.  The clay is fired in her kiln, resulting in unique sterling and precious metal pieces.

We are also offering lovely handmade quilts, table runners and composition book covers.

In addition, we are proud to offer wonderful soy candles from Charleston Candle Works.
The new scents include Pumpkin Souffle, Apple Maple Bourbon, Plantation Gardens, Christmas Hearth, and Gingerbread House.

Also, the very talented Jane Lattimore, is featuring "Mitten of the Month".  Jane starts by taking
a photograph in nature to inspire the mittens for each month.  The photograph is made into a note
card to accompany the hand-dyed and spun mittens.  Wool roving is knit into each mitten making
them especially warm.

Wishing you all a wonderful fall!


  1. Today we saw the sheep as we were driving by and realized there was a little store, we had to turn around & check it out!
    We got to meet Bob and he was very friendly & helpful, even told us to grab some apples to feed the sheep. We really enjoyed stopping by, it was a highlight of our day trip site seeing. Not too mention the store is adorable & we love our candle & handmade hat!

  2. We burned our Charleston candle tonight and it was wonderful - - the lovely fragrance still lingers in the air, many hours after it was extinguished. Also, our Australian soap is amazing! The kids have been using it for two weeks and I don't think it's diminished in size at all. I love that they all smell like lavender. Last but not least, William's hands are doing great with the beeswax lotion, best remedy yet for dry winter skin.

    Three cheers for the Wooly Fox! :) :) :)